Q: How does a QR Code work?

A: A QR Code is scanned by any Smartphone and brings you to a web page, where your
personal and medical data are stored.

Q: What if I have changes to my contact or medical information?

A: Simply log into your account any time to update your information. There is never a charge for updating your information. All changes are automatically linked to your current QR code.

Q: What about Identity Theft? Is my personal information at risk?

A: QR LifeSupport only collects emergency medical information and does not require social security or driver license numbers, eliminating the threat of identity theft. If you should lose or have your bracelet or card stolen, all you need to do is log into your account, and delete your Bracelet code or Emergency card code from your account. Now, if anyone scans your bracelet or wallet card, and enters your code, they will not get any of your information. The code is now inactive and your information is secure.

Q: Is QR LifeSupport HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes. All of our information is stored in an encrypted format, that meets all HIPAA requirements.

Q: But what if someone scans my band without my knowing?

A: We take the security of your medical information very seriously. That is why we have instituted a second level of security to make it difficult for unintended access of your data. The individual scanning the image would need to hold their smartphone or 2D scanner within 3 to 5 inches over the image for several seconds. They will be taken to the QR LifeSupport website. In order to access your information they will need to input you personalized 6-digit security code which is located under your bracelet and difficult to get without having the bracelet in hand.

Q: But I have an ICE (In Case of Emergency) app on my phone

A: In most traffic accidents, your cell phone is the first thing that becomes a flying projectile; often lost in the vehicle and many times damaged and unusable. Also, research shows that over 74% of people that carry smartphones assign a passcode to access it. Even if you donít have a passcode, Emergency Responders donít expect to have access.

Q: Why would I need QR LifeSupport?

A: If you have a medical condition, or are involved in an accident you may be unable to communicate with First Responders. This could delay care or result in First Responders or Physicians performing dangerous procedures by not having the pertinent information about you. Information such as allergies, medications or specific medical conditions you may or may not have. By having a QR LifeSupport Bracelet the medical professional can access all your information and be able to contact your family in just seconds.

Q: Does the person wearing the bracelet or carrying the card need to have a smartphone?

A: No. Our system is designed for First Responders and medical professionals to access your information

Q: I am having trouble filling out my profile or have a question, can I speak to a live person?

A: Yes. You can reach us at 855-855-6023, or by email at info@QRLifeSupport.com, Mon- Fri 9am -5pm est.